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What Others Are Saying

Vernon & Donna have been special friends of ours for several years. They are very dedicated and sincere about spreading the Gospel through their music. Through Donna’s songwriting, they have a unique and genuine country style. They are a blessing to me and my family. I pray God will continue to use them to bless others.”

Gospel Music Recording Artist

Karen Peck Gooch

Karen Peck and New River


I wanted to thank the entire group, Second Coming, for allowing me to be a part of the special singing at Clark’s Chapel Baptist Church in Thomaston. It has been many years since I’ve had the opportunity to play with such a talented group and what a blessing you are using your talents for our Lord! I hope to see you all again very soon.


Jeff Stanley

Band Member of Doug Stone, (Fiddle)

I’ve known Donna and Vernon for a many years. They are real people singing a real message – the only one that really matters. They have sacrificed greatly to win souls for Jesus. They are a sweet couple that love God, each other, and Southern Gospel music, and in that order. We are honored to call them our friends.

Mike Ruffin

County Manager

Durham, North Carolina

Dear Disciples for Christ,

Yes, if you are a Christian you are a disciple for Christ and that means you are to spread the Gospel. God's word tells us to tell Jesus you are a sinner and you need His salvation. Ask Him to come into your life to be your Savior. After you do that, read the Bible to learn how to live as a Christian. Talk to God daily in prayer. Go to a church and get to know other followers of Jesus and grow in your faith.


You may be wondering why I am writing to you about discipleship? Recently our church invited a Gospel singing group, "Second Coming Ministries" to perform at our church. This group puts Discipleship and spreading the Gospel at the top of their list. They perform with a caliber of talent that can only be anointed.


Most all their music is original songs written by the founding member Donna Boswell. You're probably thinking...oh yes, another group with "canned" tapes! After a half hour all the songs seem to sound the same.


No! This group is different they perform with LIVE music. The dynamic sound of the keyboards, drums, guitars and bass guitar, along with professional vocals makes this group the exception to the usual Gospel group.


If you would like to spread the Gospel at your church, invite "Second Coming Ministries" to come and minister. After hearing their anointed music and testimonies your congregation will be so revived, excited and uplifted that you will all become better Disciples.


Lea Billingsley

Office Administrator

Genesis Baptist Church

Pine Mountain, GA

Greetings from Tennessee.......I am not sure if you guys remember me but I am sure you know my mom and dad. When I saw you guys sing for the first time last summer, it changed my life. I had heard mom, dad and Walt talk about you all for years and was so glad I got to be there.


I love southern gospel music and have seen hundreds of groups in person but Second Coming Ministries has become my favorite group. When you are on stage the Lord just radiates from each of your faces. When we walked up to open door and Vernon was walking across the parking lot my dad said, "Sister you won't hear a better man sing than that one," and when I heard Tavern to a Temple.....I knew why my dad loves that song so much. When I listen to your music it is like a little piece of home here with me in TN.

In Him,

Tara Byrom

Second Coming, you guys did a GREAT job on the new project, "Loving What We Do." I love it! Also, your song "Her World " - I have listen to the song over and over, what a memory and what a blessing! I have listened and cried and listened and cried.


Sandi Duncan-Clark

Gospel Music Scoops Magazine

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